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On Nov 5, 2014, we coordinated and performed in a product unveiling of the new Silver Bullet can for Coors Lite Honduras. After being approached a month earlier by a marketing company under Raul Zavala and given the details of the event, the wheels were in motion. Playing mountaineers, we had to re-create the scene that most of us have viewed on tv delivering ice cold beer from the Rocky Mountains to the guests of the event. This guest list included the ' who's who' of the restaurant and bar industry, plus the major account holders that distributed Coors Lite throughout Honduras.

The outdoor venue was outfitted with a 50x50 ft aluminum truss system raised 25 ft that housed lighting, speakers, and us as mountaineers that surrounded the dance floor. World class Brazillian Djs- the Fiesta brothers, Costa Rican host Mario Palacios, 6 lovely Miami Silver Bullet girls, local talent and us 4 Canadian performers dazzled the 500 plus attendees. From a 15 ft fall into a precisely built Coors lite box rig, to aerial swings & zip lines, there was 4 hours of live entertainment & 400 cases of beer....